3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs A Pediatric Dentist

Signing your child up for a dental appointment before he or she starts school is imperative.

Why? Back-to-school dental check-ups help ensure your kid’s oral health is at its best condition before he or she gets busy with school works and playing with his or her friends.

You don’t want your child to miss a school day because of a dental appointment, right? Missing a day in school means missed lessons.

But, you also do not want your child to miss his dental appointment, right? Missing a dental appointment means missed check-ups and treatments that can lead to the escalation of cavities, infection, and other dental problems which will then result in a missed school day or if worse, days.

You may be thinking that’s not possible. But considering children’s eating habits (They love candies!) and oral hygiene (They find brushing a bit boring and tiresome, you know), it’s not impossible. In fact, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reported that 42 percent of children have tooth decay in their baby teeth and 21 percent in their adult teeth.

If you have decided to bring your child to a dental office for his or her bi-annual check-ups, you are doing an excellent job as a parent. But, there are tons of dentists out there. Who should you tap into your child’s dental care?

The answer? A pediatric dentist.

What is a pediatric dentist?

Also called a pedodontist, a pediatric dentist is a dental professional who specializes in pediatric dentistry, one of the nine dental specialties qualified by the American Dental Association.

He or she takes care of the dental needs of children starting from birth until adolescence. This dentist is considered an expert in child’s dental care as he or she has additional education and training in pediatric dentistry.

A pedodontist is in-charge of diagnosing dental issues, promoting oral health, monitoring a child’s tooth and jaw development and growth, repairing a decayed tooth, and ensuring the functionality of a child’s gums, tongue, salivary glands, jaw, throat muscles, neck, and jaw.

Why should you choose a pediatric dentist?

Choosing a pediatric dentist is necessary because he or she understands your child’s fears, is knowledgeable in dealing with a child’s teeth, and creates a child-friendly environment.

Understanding your child’s fears

A pediatric dentist is more patient, friendly, and gentler because he or she knows that children are fearful of a new environment or meeting someone new. As a dentist in-charge of children, a pediatric dentist is aware and ready for possible scenarios that could arise during treatment.

Knowledgeable in dealing with your child’s teeth

Aside from knowing how to calm children and prepare them for a dental check-up or treatment, a pediatric dentist is a recognized expert and professional in dealing with a child’s teeth. Proof? He or she is a licensed pediatric dentist!

The training and education of a pediatric dentist are focused on the development, growth, care, and treatment of a child’s teeth. He or she could also share his or her knowledge to you, the child’s parent, so you could better care for your kid’s oral health.

Creates a child-friendly environment

The thing about taking care of a child is that it involves lots of patients, a mouthful of friendliness, and a bunch of gentlenesses. And pediatric dentists have all those traits. They create an environment conducive to your child by setting up child-friendly toys and games, movies, and treats to cheer your kid up during a dental visit.

Because of these efforts, your child’s fear is minimized, and he or she (including you) can relax while in a dental office.