Medical Assistant Overview

Everybody has heard that medical careers are the careers of choice for jobs. But with many of the medical positions in the field requiring at least some form of training to gain entry, many people feel they are out of luck when it comes to getting into a medical career. But there is an avenue for people who are interested in working within the medical field that does not require specialized training. That field is in medical assisting.

What is a medical assistant?

A medical assistant isn’t a health care provider per se, but rather one of the team members that keeps the professional service deliverers on top of their game and delivering the medical treatment people need. A medic al assistant is the gopher of the medical world. They’ll do the jobs that are the run of the mill office tasks that doctors, nurses, and administrators won’t do.

What does a medical assistant do?

Medical assistants do a variety of tasks including keeping examination rooms clean, taking some basic information from patients, making phone calls on behalf of the medical staff, and scheduling and paper work duties. The tasks assigned to a medical assistant working in a medical office vary. You may find that working in a podiatrists office is a completely different experience that working in a pediatrician’s office. The tasks may also vary according to how the office manager controls the operations of the office.

Where can a medical assistant work?

Typically a medical assistant will work in a doctor’s office. They’ll be working behind the scenes preparing the doc tor’s files and paper work. The environment of the medial assistant runs the gambit of the office to the examination rooms as the assistant is responsible for the operational readiness of the facility to deliver medical care to patients.

What is a medical assistant’s salary?

The bureau of labor and statistics states that the median pay of a medical assistant is $13.17 an hour with some earners reporting as high as $20.00 an hour. Pay is commensurate with skill and experience.

What are medical assistant training requirements?

While there is no technical requirement for additional training past a high school diploma for medic al assisting, some people report that becoming a certified medical assistant increases both probability of employment and a higher wage. But the BLS states that there is no requirement for extended training and that many medical assistants get their training on the job.